Our Objectives

“Multidimension is the culmination of diasporas from Indian subcontinent living in France, and their effort to connect others from around the globe. Thus, our team works hand in hand to build a platform to share experiences of multi-ethnic and multicultural life. Tell us about your experiences, we’ll share those with the world.”

In the age of information explosion, it is difficult to judge the quality of information. As the Internet is fast becoming its primary source of sharing, our biggest challenge is to make a choice between useful and useless and to spot the difference between real and fake. Here in our magazine, we don’t run for breaking news. Instead we provide you with subjects of global interests, with individual perspectives, reflected in multiple dimensions. Be with us, we need your support.

Board Members
Jayanta Chakrabarty – Director
Parshi Barua – Assistant editor

Somrita Bhattacharyya, France (ex-coordinating editor)
Riaz Quadir, France (ex-consulting editor)
Dr. Ananya Mukherjee – Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
Dr. Anjan Chakrabarti – India
Shreya Seth – Kolkata, India
Pooja Sharma – New Delhi, India
Srijan Das – Kolkata, India
Dr. Anup Shekhar Chakraborty – Kolkata, India
Prarthona Saha – Kolkata, India
Artur Domingo Barnils – Barcelona, Spain
Noman Robin – Dhaka, Bangladesh
Fugel Khan – France
Debkumar Mitra- Kolkata, India
Dr. Trina Biswas- Louisiana, USA
Ani Hovhannisyan- Yerevan, Armenia
Srijanee Biswas- Columbus, IN, USA
Kazi Tina- Oxford, England
Steffy Khanam – Seoul, South Korea
Simran Saini – New Delhi, India
Rabbani Khan – France
Pratip Chatterjee – Kolkata, India

Avijit Ghosh – Paris, France
Suman Choudhury- Kolkata, India

Website Designer & Developer
Nishi Paul – Kolkata, India
Aptrix Web Designs

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Administration office :
155 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 75010 Paris

Public reception office :
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